Is Lightstim LED therapy good for your skin?

The main concern for every woman in the world is their skin and youthful appearance. This is the reason why there are so many cosmetics and technological breakthrough that promises great skin acre and younger looking skins.

One of the hype of today’s skin care regimen is LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light therapy. This therapy uses a particular type of light that gives off energy to stimulate your cells and increase the production of elastin and collagen. The process makes your skin firmer, reduce wrinkles and provide a younger looking skin.

Now, you can either go to the doctor to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to blast away years on your face or you can do it all at the comforts of your home. There are companies that offer hand-held LED lights which offers an affordable and natural way to look younger at home. I first learned about this in a recent post about Lightstim on Makeupsessed.

LightStim is one of those companies that provides professional strength LED light therapy treatments you can use safely at home. Featured in Good Morning America, InStyle, and Elle, LightStim promises results in as early as 6-8 weeks after constant use. For more than a decade, LightStim has the device of choice for medical offices that treat skin diseases, estheticians, and professional dermatologists. LightStim products are all manufactured in the United States and are FDA-approved for safe, at-home use.

So, is LightStim LED therapy good for the skin?

Yes, it is!

Here are some benefits of LightStim LED Therapy to back up my answer:


  • Bye-bye Wrinkles


The volume of elastin and collagen in our skin decreases as we age causing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. LightStim for Wrinkles uses a combination of light red, deep red, amber and infrared lights to rejuvenate skin and stimulate elastin and collagen production. The increased volumes of elastin and collagen plump up the dermis layer overtime and eventually push out fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Acne Away!


Breakouts of acne occur when our skin glands produce too much amount of oil (sebum) that clogs the pore and allows bacteria to grow. This bacteria causes the formation of acne or pustules on the skin surface. LightStim for Acne uses blue lights that destroys bacteria that causes acne in combination with red light to increase blood circulation. Together, they help remove acne breakouts and prevent them in the future.


  • No more pain


LightStim not only offers skin care cutting edge technology but also provides a solution for muscle pains for aging people. Pains and aches affect people of all ages and have so many causes. LightStim for Pain uses deep infrared lights, deep red and light red lights that increase circulation and help reduce inflammation. Increasing circulation helps accelerates the body’s healing process by delivering nutrients and oxygen to tissues that need repairs and naturally relieve the pain.


LightStim is a complete revolutionary solution for the treatment of joint pain, acne, and aging. Free from side effects, surgery, drugs, and harmful chemicals, LightStim is definitely one of the most cutting-edge solutions available worldwide that comes with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

4 skincare products for protecting your skin from sun damage

The sun has harmful UV rays that can damage your skin. So, before stepping outside, you should prepare your skin well so that it doesn’t get affected by the sun. Here are some skincare products that you can apply to your skin for getting protection against the sun.

Moisturizer or foundation with SPF 30

We all use moisturizers. But if your skin is prone to sun damage you should use a moisturizer that has an SPF value of minimum 30. The same goes with foundation. If you use foundation, then buy foundation with SPF 30 or more.

Sunscreen lotion

If you stay longer in the sun then you must use sunscreen lotion. Make sure you apply the lotion at least 15 minutes before getting out of the house. Remember to use sunscreen lotion having SPF 30 or more. If you have a sensitive skin then you can use a baby sunscreen lotion.

Lip protection balm

You should always keep your lips moisturized. Otherwise, you may have sunburns which can be very painful. So, you should always apply and carry a lip protection balm.

Besides using these skin products, you should drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. This will prevent any skin problem due to sun damage. You should wear hats and sunglasses to protect your face. Some people use mist to keep the skin hydrated. You should be well prepared before getting out into the sun to prevent sun damage.

5 tips for choosing a suitable skin care product for your skin

When you walk through the aisles of a beauty store, you will find many products. These products promise to solve your every skin problem. You see products of various brands and price ranges lined up, making it confusing which one to buy. Here are some tips for buying the right skincare product for your skin.

Know what type of skin you have

First, you need to know your skin type. If you have an acne problem, then you should choose products that can treat this condition. If you have to find lines on your skin due to age, then you should choose a product perfect for your age. For sensitive skin, you should use products that are meant for the sensitive skin. Some products are appropriate for dry skin and some for oily. You should buy the product according to your type of skin.

Look out for the skincare ingredients

Products containing Vitamins A and C are good for the skin. Retinoids are also helpful. It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Your skin will look smoother and softer. Vitamin E ingredients are also good for the skin.

Buy products from reputable brands

Don’t go for cheap products. You should buy products of well-known brands. That way, you can get quality products. Reputable brands are safer and will be good for your skin.

Choose a product that can solve your skin problem

Don’t look for a product that promises to solve your every skin problem. You should choose a product that provides a solution for one problem, like acne, wrinkles, or aging.

Consult professionals

If your skin is sensitive and you have lots of skin issues, then it is better to consult a professional before buying a skincare product. The products they recommend will be safer.

So, next time when you visit a beauty store to buy any skincare product, remember these tips. This way you will be able to choose the right product for your skin.

6 makeup essentials you should always carry with you

When you go to work, your skin gets exposed to sun, dirt and other outside elements. Your makeup may not be like it was when you got out of the home in the morning. At times you need to fix your makeup so that you can look fresh and gorgeous throughout the day. Here are some makeup essentials that you must have in your bag.


Highlighter makes your skin glow and your skin looks healthy. You can apply highlighter on your cupid’s bow and cheeks. Some people apply highlighter under the eye to hide dark circles.


You can get long lashes using mascara. It can define your eyes. You can apply it on your eyebrows as well. You will find dual-ended mascara in the market. One end has a fine wand that can be used for the eyebrows and the thick wand on the other end is used for the lashes.

Lip balm

If you don’t like wearing lipstick, you can use a lip balm. It will prevent your lips from getting dry. If you have the habit of licking lips then lip balm is a better choice than lipstick.


A concealer can hide the flaws on your skin. You can also use it as a foundation. You can either apply it to your entire face or in the areas where it is needed.


Bronzer can be used to warm up the face. You can use it as an eyeshadow and for contouring. Matte bronzers are appropriate for daytime.


Eyeliner is a must-have in your bag every day. It defines and highlights your eyes making you look beautiful. You should have an eyeliner pen so that it’s easy to apply. Make sure the product is waterproof.

You should always carry these makeups in your bag. So, when you go out for a long time, you can fix your makeup from time to time and look as fresh as you did in the morning.